The Impact of Our Fundraising

A portion of the costs of Marie Curie nursing provision is met by the NHS.

The remainder of the cost needs to be met from other fundraising streams such as legacies, Marie Curie shops and fundraising groups.

The impact of having a fundraising group can therefore be large.

In Dorset there are currently 108 Nurses and Healthcare Assistants working in the community and it is hoped to increase that number in the next few years. The service need is increasing due to the ageing population.  The cost of the service to the user is free. When first set up, the Poole Fundraising Group was asked to meet an income target of £5,000 per annum.

However, the added benefit of a fundraising group is being seen out and about in the community and it can allow for funds to be raised to have a dedicated nursing team in that geographical area. Street collections are therefore extremely valuable in both raising funds and awareness. The more funds raised will allow for more nurses, which can lead to a greater demand for the service and therefore more funds needed. It can become a circle.

However, by far the greatest Ambassadors for the service are the nurses themselves. The principal function of a fundraising group is to try and help them meet the demand.

Our Group’s Fundraising Totals

  • During 2013 – £17,536.57
  • During 2014 – £28,117.41
  • During 2015 – £41,525.32
  • During 2016 – £63,081.49
  • During 2017 – £90,151.74
  • During 2018 – £69,092.26
  • During 2019 – £53,211.97
  • During 2020 – £21,791.81

How our fundraising makes a difference

Kate Norris Marie Curie Nurse

Kate Norris

Clinical Nurse Manager
Marie Curie Dorset

“I have been the Clinical nurse manager for Marie Curie Dorset for 2 years and during my time in post I have worked alongside the fundraising teams throughout the county to develop a closer working relationship between fundraising and nursing teams.

The nursing service recognises that without the fundraising efforts our services would not be able to develop to meet the needs of so many more patients.

Aside from street collections and sponsored events our fundraising teams work extremely hard as advocates for the nursing service.

The energy time and effort put into Fundraising is applaudable and respected by each nurse working in Marie Curie Dorset.”

Supporting Marie Curie Nurses Locally

The whole purpose of the Poole Marie Curie Fundraising Group is to support nurses like Debbie & Irene in their work with terminally ill people in Dorset. Here’s their story:

Both were attracted to the fact that they would be working for such a worthwhile charity.

Debbie says: “We both feel very proud putting on our uniform when we are getting ready for work.   We also like the idea that we are giving care and support to people at the end of their lives enabling them to stay in their own home.

What we do
Irene joined the Marie Curie team over 5 years ago after working for the Generalist Palliative Care Team in Bournemouth and Poole.
What we do
Debbie has been with Marie Curie for nearly 3 years having come from a background as a Health Care Assistant in a Nursing Home which cared for, predominantly, elderly people with Dementia.

Because of the type of care that Marie Curie provides, nurses feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing that they have given someone the time, support and care, which has enabled them to be where they want to be at the end of their life – in the comfort and security of their own surroundings with their family and loved ones.

Irene confirms how much this means to the families: “We get nothing but praise and thanks from the families and they are always very grateful for the support given to them as well as their loved ones.”

Debbie & Irene really appreciate what we do, saying:

“The Poole Fundraising Group are absolutely amazing and such an inspiration because they work so tirelessly, giving up their own time to raise money and awareness of Marie Curie which in turn enables us to do our jobs.  The money that they raise means that there is not only a night service for patients in our area, but there are also visits to our patients throughout the day.”

Marie Curie Nursing

If you are interested in becoming a Marie Curie nurse, there is lots of information on the main Marie Curie website:

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